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    Shen Yun in Ludwigsburg, Germany: Audience Gives Standing Ovation


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts played two shows in Ludwigsburg, Germany. These first time German audience members didn't know what to expect of Shen Yun. After the show they told us, how they liked the experience.

    On Thursday Shen Yun Performing Arts finished its two day run in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

    For some in the audience it was their first experience with traditional Chinese culture. And they were curious what Shen Yun would be like. After seeing the show for the first time they told us how they liked it.

    [Angelika Schlöndorff, Audience Member]:
    "It has been worthwhile. I could not imagine what it's about, but it is fantastic. I am very happy that I did this."

    [Jürgen Schmiedel, Audience Member]:
    "For me it was impressive because it was absolutely new. I had no idea about Chinese dance."

    [Roswitha Schmiedel, Audience Member]:
    "It was very appealing. Although I thought it would be quite unusual for me. But I liked it very much, and it was appealing to me."

    [Mr. & Mrs. Nehring, Audience Members]:
    "I was astonished by the discipline, the charm and the grace. Of course the miraculous costumes and this splendor of colors."

    [Jürgen Schmiedel, Audience Member]:
    "This was fascinating of course, the choreography and the whole performance, for me simply impressive."

    [Angelika Schlöndorff, Audience Member]:
    "I found the Erhu incredibly great and also the tenor. Actually, everything. I don't know, I am still too impressed."

    In Ludwigsburg the audience said good-bye to the Shen Yun performers with long applause and standing ovations.

    NTD News, Ludwigsburg, Germany.