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    Shopping For Gadgets at Beijing's Bainaohui Computer Market


    by minipcpro

    192 views We're no stranger to shopping in computer markets all over Asia, but we've never really discussed what its like to actually buy gadgets. Beijing's Bainaohui Computer market isn't the cities biggest, but it is the most central boasting only 4 floors of computer goodness. Curious to see what sub 13.3 Sandybridge notebooks they had in stock I decided to go through the first steps of buying a computer in China. Its a very different experience then buying a computer in North America, with couches and seating areas. The other thing of the computer market to do list was buy a replacement battery for Nicole's Macbook. Her 2 year old Macbook on its second battery and sadly out of Apple Care. With her macbook unable to run with out being plugged its been a while with this problem and she knows its day's away from failure. Since a Lenovo X220 is ordered and on its way to a friend in the US to be shipped to Taiwan (yay but 3 weeks away) a $200 battery just isn't in the works. However...if it were cheap enough then she'd at least have a working Apple for those times when just need to use a mac for its multimedia software. It was a pretty interesting buying experience as you can imagine with knock off's around every corner and haggling being the norm. What do you think? Would you have bought the battery? Would you have taken the risk? As a spoiler I'm currently using the dodgy low capacity knock off in an internet cafe right now, so thankfully it worked out! Three weeks before my new machine gets here would have been tragic since I wouldn't have had a machine to edit these video's for you.