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    Cleaning the universe...

    Rico Bergholdt Hansen

    by Rico Bergholdt Hansen

    Camcorders were never meant to be able to do this - but I wanted to see what it looked like anyway...

    This is the EX1R (at 02.30am) close to its most extreme setting (18db gain would have been the max). It's doing a timelapse at 1 frame every 5 seconds over a period of about 83 minutes.

    Every frame is made up of 64 frames accumulated into one frame (SLS64) also called slow shutter. 64 frames in this case equals about 2.5 second long exposures.

    The video shows the result of this experiment along with my attempt to clean up the footage in post...


    EX1R @ db12, SLS64, F/1.9, Z99, Shutter Off, PP was 'Night' by Wolfgang Winne.

    Sony Vegas in post: Black & white, Brightness & contrast, Levels.