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    Great Way 11.6" Netbook Hands on in Beijing China


    by minipcpro

    125 views Heard of Great Way Computers? To be honest neither had we, but when we saw this faux brushed aluminum lid at the computer market here in Beijing we had to take notice. The profile of the netbook is a little thicker then we would like and it is running an Intel Atom N450, so its not the quickest CPU of the bunch. However, the keyboard is fantastic there is zero flex and the build quality isn't what you would expect from a Chinese netbook, it feels extermly solid. It also comes with your standard array of ports, 3 x USB 2.0, card reader, VGA and ethernet port. It also comes with your standard 1GB of RAM, 150GB hard drive and a 1.3MP webcam. The price isn't that shocking at 2000rmb or $310 USD, and remember that they simply told me a price and I'm sure I could have knocked 20% off it I'd given it a whirl.