CLIP 08: Guilhem Flouzat and Ned Rothenberg at Overboard! An Evening of Music and Storytelling

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Saturday, April 16th | 8:00pm | Performance | The Invisible Dog Art Center
With: Esther Allen, Jonah Bokaer, Wally Cardona, Guilhem Flouzat, Francisco Goldman, Arnon Grunberg, Trajal Harrell, Virginia Heffernan, Romain Huret, Serge Michel, Ruwen Ogien, Ned Rothenberg, Dan Safer, David Samuels
Hosted by: Rob Spillman

Co-presented with The Invisible Dog Art Center and Tin House

96th street in Manhattan. The Brooklyn Bridge. The Atlantic Ocean. The Berlin Wall. The winter you read Nietzsche. Your summer of love. The day you picked up a trumpet for the first time. The minute you understood you couldn’t come home again. What’s your rupture?

An evening all about befores and afters, heres and theres, right and wrong sides of the tracks. Novelists, non-fiction writers, actors, dancers, choreographers, will come to the stage and tell you the story of this particular place in the world or that decisive instant in their life; a physical border or a turning point.

This will be a night of music also, as Ned Rothenberg’s saxophone and Guilhem Flouzat’s drums lend their eloquence to the narratives.

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