China Report 2011.04.23 (22:30)

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Xinhua TV- China Report (April 23, 2011) Editors: Guo Xinhui, Mu Xuyao, Li Xinying, Jin Yinzhu, Feng Shuang, Yin Hang, Liu Chang, Zhao Chenghui Chief editors: Zhang Hao, Mi Ligong, Ye Xingzeng, Li Qin, Zhang Yuhong STORIES: 1 SCHOOL MILK POISONING 2 QUITTING JAPAN FOR HONG KONG? 3 PAKISTAN-CHINA LINKS 4 CHINA-AFRICA MEDIA CO-OP 5 CHINA ON LIBYAN SITUATION 6 CHINA ON CAMBODIA-THAILAND DISPUTE 7 CHINA-EU-US COOP 8 CHINA'S ELECTRONICS INDUSTRY 9 GEOTHERMAL ENERGY PLAN 10 NUCLEAR COMPLEX SAFE 11 SHANGHAI TRUCK DRIVER STRIKE 12 SEX PRODUCTS CRACKDOWN 13 EDUCATION FOR MONASTERY 14 FEWER RICH INVEST IN PROPERTY 15 OPERA PIONEER REMEMBERED 16 TIGER DNA TESTS 17 NEWS IN BRIEF Hong Kong has seen an increase of Japanese immigrants after a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit the country. Coming up... The Chinese government clarifies that radiation levels from the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station remains normal and pose no threat to human health. China Report will ex Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency