Australian PM Visits Japan to Offer Support

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Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is in Japan to offer Australia's support for the Japanese people who are affected by the recent disaster. She also offered Japan long term energy support.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard continues her visit to Tokyo on Friday. She says she wants to be in Japan to give support to the Japanese people.

[Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister]:
"One of the things I wanted to do by physically coming to Japan was to say through my personal presence that Australia is with you, with the Japanese people at this very difficult time, and I wanted to therefore personally take my greetings and expressions of good will to the most affected regions."

Gillard, who arrived in Tokyo on Wednesday on the first leg of her East Asia tour, has also given assurances of energy support to Japan.

Japan is keen to secure additional energy sources, especially liquefied natural gas, to compensate for reduced power due to its damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Analysts say Japan's long-term energy demand will further drive Australia's current massive A$200 billion liquid natural gas capacity build up.

Gillard says Australia has abundant energy resources which the country is focused on developing.

[Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister]:
"We do not have nuclear energy, and we do not plan for it to be a part of Australia's future energy mix. We are a country that has abundant energy resources and we are very focused now on the clean energy sources of the future."

Gillard is scheduled to visit the disaster-hit north on Saturday.