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    New Footage: Chinese Regime's Crackdown on Tibetan Monastery


    by NTDTelevision

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    Tibetan activists say new footage gives evidence of the Chinese regime's crackdown on the Tibetan Kirti Monastery in southwestern Sichuan province.

    In March, a young monk at the monastery set himself on fire in protest of Chinese regime rule. Rights groups say it provoked a crackdown, with police temporarily cutting off food supplies to the temple.

    Last week, the Chinese regime's Foreign Ministry Spokesman fended international accusations, claiming everything at Kirti is 'normal.'

    The International Campaign for Tibet, or ICT, says this footage obtained by Voice of America shows otherwise. Taken in March, it shows heavy police presence around the monastery and the first images of the young monk who set himself on fire. He later died in hospital.

    Exiled Tibetans say Chinese authorities have since undertaken a so called "patriotic re-education" campaign at the monastery. Radio Free Asia reported on Thursday that a group of monks taken by authorities two weeks ago were severely beaten and tortured.