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    Child Laborers Rescued from Sweatshops in New Delhi, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Police and social activists have rescued at least 30 children from sweatshops in New Delhi. A non-government organization says the kids were forced to work 12 hour days for next to nothing.

    Social activists in India say 30 children under the age of 14 have been rescued from sweatshops in New Delhi.

    The children were rescued Thursday by police officials and staff from a local NGO, called Save the Childhood Movement, in English.

    The organization's chairman says the shop owners forced the children to work for next to nothing.

    [Ramashankar Chaurasia, Chairman, Save the Childhood Movement]:
    "Approximately 30 children were rescued by us today. These children were engaged in various occupations including tinsel thread embroidery work, bag making, and so on."

    The industries where the children worked were sealed and their owners taken into police custody.

    [Mohammed Sufijar, Rescued Laborer]:
    "I worked for 12 hours a day and they paid me 100 rupees [$2.26] a week."

    The children were then taken for medical check ups.

    In a recent landmark judgment, India's Supreme Court banned children from working in Indian circuses, after a petition was filed by the Save the Childhood Movement.