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    Giant Bugs Bunny Wins Award in Indonesia


    by NTDTelevision

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    One of Jakarta's shopping centers has broken a record this Easter with the largest Bugs Bunny replica. The shopping center received an award from the Indonesian World Record Museum this week.

    It's Easter time again, and that means chocolate and eggs and bunnies -- big bunnies. And the biggest of them all is here in Indonesia's Central Park shopping center.

    This Bugs Bunny replica stands 23 feet high, and comes complete with his trademark carrot. The display includes 14 giant Easter eggs decorated with 560,000 colorful chocolates and is proving to be a popular photo spot for shoppers.

    It is also the winner of a MURI award from the Indonesian World Record Museum.

    Jakarta has more than 170 shopping centers and the MURI award is one of the strategies used to promote competition between the shopping centers to attract visitors.

    A World Record Museum representative hinted at what he'd like to see next year.

    [Jaya Suprana, Indonesian World Record Museum]:
    "I expect this record to be more special next year -- it will become the world record when the figure uses batik motifs."

    The MURI award presentation ceremony marked the opening of the Central Park Easter Vaganza, designed to bring in more shoppers over the holidays.

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.