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    Chris Buckley - It's Alright With Me

    Chris Buckley

    by Chris Buckley

    It's Alright With Me - Written & performed by Chris Buckley

    Written around the same time as 'Danny (Superstar)' whilst living in France. Here I am in reflective mode. Spring is my favourite time of the year, and is a good metaphor for coming through a tough time (winter) into the sunshine. For me music is a way of dealing with emotions; looking on the bright side - a theme that has featured in several compositions.

    Starting off life as an up-tempo song, 'It's Alright With Me', has taken a few forms, including a country version, this guitar arpeggios version is how I hear it in my head. Recorded in demo form with my little home studio set-up.

    The video takes advantage of some springtime weather at a local nature reserve, Eatock Lodge. The edit came together quite well.

    Personally, the song is as relevant now as it was when written. Perhaps universal in that we all have to go through life's ups and downs. Often, the answer lies with yourself.