New Delhi Police Make Arrests in Pilot License Scam

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Imagine you're riding in commercial airplane—and after a bumpy and dangerous landing, you learn that your pilot had gotten her license through fake grades and exams. Well, that's what's been discovered in several cases across India since January. And it's hit the country's airline industry hard. Now, after months of investigation, police say they've arrested most of the people involved.

Police in New Delhi, India say that most of the suspects involved in a fake pilot scam have been arrested.

[Ashok Chand, Deputy Commissioner, Delhi Police]:
"Until now we have arrested a total of five pilots. Two touts have also been arrested and a Directorate General of Civil Aviation official, too. Two pilots are still at large. And one tout is still left to be arrested."

Meanwhile, Swaran Singh Talwar, arrested for having a fake license, was granted bail by a court in New Delhi Wednesday.

Talwar says he is a victim of a corrupt system and there are many more like him.

[Swaran Singh Talwar, Possessed Fake Pilot's License]:
"The Airline Transport Pilots License cannot be issued so easily. It's a senior license."

Recently, the DGCA, which is the highest regulator of aviation in India, uncovered the scam when they checked 4,000 pilots' licenses.

The fake pilot scam unfolded with the arrest of three pilots last month. They were grounded for commandeering aircraft after allegedly forging documents that showed that they had cleared the test to be promoted from co-pilot to the commander's seat.