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    Shen Yun in Ludwigsburg, Germany: "One has to experience it"


    by NTDTelevision

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    And Shen Yun is in the middle of a two show run in Ludwigsburg, Germany, a city with a long cultural history. As our correspondents report, it was an experience many audience members will not soon forget.

    The city of Ludwigsburg is home of one of Germany's largest baroque castles. Only a stone's throw away from this cultural highlight, Shen Yun Performing Arts displayed the essence of traditional Chinese culture Wednesday evening.

    It made quite the impression on members of the local art community.

    [Gerhard Lewandowski, Painter & Graphic Artist]:
    "Very inspiring. What I found especially interesting were the long sleeves of the women. I have seen the same sleeves on old Chinese terracotta with dancers. And I have rediscovered things which revive old memories."

    [Caritas Lewandowski, Painter & Graphic Artist]:
    "During a visit in China the [terracotta] soldiers in Xi'an already impressed me very much. And I found it amazing that one could see them dancing vividly here."

    These two audience members highly recommend others to come and see the show.

    [Andrea Freitag, Interior Designer]:
    "Oh, you should visit the show. This was a very nice evening, for us both today. And I think that we have learnt a lot about the Chinese culture, about the differences in that country. And I think that we can now better understand, what really happens in China."

    [Bernd-Olaf Fiebrandt, Audience Member]:
    "Go and see the show next time. It's hard to put this into words... one has to experience it, because I believe this goes deeply into the soul. This is not only wonderfully artistic, wonderful flowers, colorful, wonderful expression, but also the music and the interaction, this is something for the soul. This feels really good, it's really nice."

    NTD News, Ludwigsburg, Germany.