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    How to Do Pilates Spine Stretch Forward Exercise - Women's Fitness

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    How to Do Pilates Spine Stretch Forward Exercise - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats.

    Hello we're Katherine and Kimberly Corp. We own Pilates on Fifth in New York City and we would like to show you the Pilates exercise, Spine Stretch Forward. So Kimberly's going to sit nice and tall on her sit bones. Her legs are out stretched and her feet are about shoulder distance apart. Now, if because of hamstrings flexibility you can't get right up on your sit bones and you're stuck here, you can do one of two things: you can either bend your knees as such or you can sit cross-legged. Either one is completely fine, this exercise is all about the spine and increasing that spinal flexibility. So you want to sit nice and tall really pull those little ribs in, lifting nice and tall from the top of the head inhaling, and then exhale, top of the head leads the way curling over. One thing if scooping through the spine inhale here and then exhale stacking one vertebrae on top of the other as you come back into a nice vertical position. Inhaling, exhale rolling forward. So the hands, i didn't mention this, can either be on top of the legs or they can come to the center of the legs here. Inhaling, you want to feel the lungs fill up from the back and sides, exhaling coming up. And notice her shoulders just stay nice and wide, she's not coming through this way. Any one last time. Exhale, top of the head leads the way, exhale coming over. So I'm going to have her do it one time incorrectly so you can see the difference. And then rolling up. Its not lamentably a Hamstring stretch. If you just lean forward this way, it feels great on the hamstrings, if you have the flexibility, but its not spine stretch forward. So just to reiterate, we'll do it one more time. Reinforce the nice correction and the inhale here and then exhale, curling over nice and scoop, nice and tall on the sit bones. Notice you always maintain that position on top of the sit bones. Inhaling, and exhaling rolling up, one vertebrae at a time, with the shoulders nice and wide. And that is the Pilates Spine Stretch Forward.