Snoop Dogg & Blast Beverate - News for Blondes (Beta) - 2011-04-21

J. Sibley Law

by J. Sibley Law

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Hi there. I gotta clear the air about something that got stuck in my craw yesterday. Snoop Dogg is in the middle of a controversy for promoting the new fruity alcoholic Blast by Colt 45. Outragers have gone so far as to call for Snoop to withdraw his support. Really?

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This IS Snoop Dogg, right? The wrapper of songs like "Bitches Ain't Shit", "Fresh Pair of Panties" and the interestingly related "Gin and Juice"? Snoop Dogg the sometimes star of Girls Gone Wild: the "Drunk & Naked Girls & Snoop Dogg" version? Are you really surprised that this man would front a fruity alcohol beverage that might find its way to Spring Break? I don't think so.

Outragers, do you even listen to the songs on the radio that your kids listen to? Are we surprised that Snoop endorses this? Maybe this misplaced outraged should be focused on Pabst for marketing their drink to kids?

As much as I might like to do a wrap about:
This man and girl drinks, his girl drinks.

I have to ask, what happened to this man as a child to give him such a low opinion of women? How does a sweet So-Cal boy go from playing piano and singing at Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church to Crips Gang Member and frequent Incarceration for drug possession before being discovered by Dr. Dre? I don't really know. But in addition to the previous information, Wikipedia did mention something about an absent father.

Snoop, I'll give you a hug. But, keep your hands to yourself, okay?!!! Oh, and about this outrage over your endorsement of that fruity hi-octane alcohol beverage; I think it just further highlights those parts of yourself that already make you feel yucky inside and is a very public suppression of your personal pain. But that's just me.