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    Exiled Tibetans Protest Against Chinese Occupation of Tibetan Monastery


    by NTDTelevision

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    Tibetans living in-exile in India gathered in New Delhi, staging a protest against the Chinese Army's occupation of the Kirti Monastery in their homeland. The monastery has been sealed off, and Chinese troops have arrested 17 monks and 17 Tibetans over the past month.

    A group of exiled Tibetan nationals gathered in New Delhi on Tuesday to stage a mass protest against the occupation of Kirti Monastery in Tibet by Chinese troops.

    The protestors were dressed as Tibetan Buddhist monks, and wrapped themselves in chains as a mark of their protest.

    They raised slogans against the Chinese regime and offered prayers for the Tibetan people who have been suffering under the rule of Beijing.

    [Lopcha, Protester]:
    "In case of Tibet, many people are suffering within the tyranny of the Chinese. But we here in India can do anything in a democratic way. So we are here to show our solidarity with the Tibetan people who are suffering inside Tibet."

    Chinese troops have sealed the monastery, making it impossible for monks to move out and devotees to offer food to the monks.

    Over the past month, 17 monks from the Kirti Monastery and 17 other local Tibetans have been arrested.

    Tibetan students in India's Dharamsala earlier called for a worldwide hunger strike on April 5th to protest the Chinese crackdown on civilians in Tibet. That was following the death of a monk named Phuntsok.