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    Blame-Game in India over Nuclear Plant Protest


    by NTDTelevision

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    Political parties in western India are blaming each other, after police fired at activists protesting the construction of a nuclear plant. The radical party Shiv Sena blamed India's ruling Congress party, which in turn blames Shiv Sena for plotting the violent protest.

    The leader of India's radical Shiv Sena party is criticizing India's ruling Congress party... after police fired at a group protesting the construction of the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project in the state of Maharashtra.

    Speaking to media in Mumbai, Subhash Desai says the Congress probably reacted out of fear of an upcoming Shiv Sena meeting set to be held on April 23. He said that his political party will listen to the wishes of the people when it comes to the nuclear project.

    [Subhash Desai, Shiv Sena Leader]:
    "We have already said this that we will go by what the public there feels and says. From the very first day, Shiv Sena has said that we will stand by the public and if they don't want the [nuclear] project then we will not let lend any help to the government."

    Shiv Sena organized a rally on April 9 to protest the construction of the nuclear plant.

    The protesters vandalized the construction site, setting some semi-constructed sheds on fire.

    Local media report that one protester was killed when police opened fire, and at least eight protesters and more than 40 policemen were injured.

    Leaders of the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party blamed Shiv Sena for carrying out the violent protest, saying that they had been plotting it for some time.