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    Water Crisis Forces Locals to Migrate from Eastern Indian state


    by NTDTelevision

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    A severe water crisis and drought-like situation forces locals to migrate from India's eastern Jharkhand state. The situation has repeated itself every summer for the last 30 years.

    Water problems are forcing the locals of Daltonganj in India's eastern Jharkhand state to migrate to neighboring areas.

    Thousands of people have already migrated either to nearby districts or to other states.

    Locals blame the authorities for not taking any measures to tackle the problem.

    [Bhola Pandey, Local]:
    "The situation here is such that people are migrating to other places, leaving their houses. The authorities or local leaders should have done something to help people."

    However, the authorities claim they are doing everything they can.

    [Surendra Singh, Chairman, Daltonganj Municipality]:
    "The situation here is very pathetic and without water, people are migrating. In such a condition, we are trying to bring water through tankers and we will continue this on our part."

    According to locals, they have had water crisis every summer for the past 30 years.