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    Young Sailors Dream of Becoming Olympic Champions


    by NTDTelevision

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    Despite its small size, Israel is one of the most highly regarded countries in sports sailing today. With two Olympic medals, it seems that the investment in young Israeli sailors is enormous. However, their road to success is certainly not an easy one. Our reporter brings us the story from the Israeli Youth Sailing Championship.

    Hundreds of youths from all over the country packed the Tel Aviv Marina last week as the Israeli Youth Sailing Competition got underway.

    The competition was named after the sailor Asaf Asulin who die in the army.

    The competition included three classes: The 420 [Four hundred twenty] model called the "Laser," the "Optimist" and surf gliders.

    At the start of the competition the boats begin to sail between the buoys that mark the sea.


    There are also strict rules: Your boat must not touch another boat or buoy. A boat that touches a buoy must make a complete circle around the buoy, costing competitors valuable time...

    Noia and Rimon are the team in the 420 model class.

    They were born on the same day a year apart.

    Noia tells us about the importance of teamwork.



    The pressure at the start is at its peak, but the sailors learn to deal with stressful situations.

    There are lots of battles between the boats during the race but no one gives up.



    In a special ceremony at the end of the competition the contestants were awarded medals by the Minister of Education.

    It was a moment of elation for the winners who've worked so hard and for their families.

    In the words of Israeli Yachting Association chairman, Yehuda Maayan, the current successes of Israeli sailors are not enough, we can certainly increase our athletes' achievements significantly.

    Reporter: Lee Rom Photographer:Michael Ash
    NDT News, Israel