Level E - Episode 6 - Dancing in the trap!!


by Crunchyroll

The prince half forces Shimizu and the others to become Color Rangers.
To return to their previous lives, they have to take off the wristbands with a key. And the one who holds this key is the devil Craft, who is in Yamagata.
Shimizu and the gang gear themselves up and head to Yamagata. After a fierce struggle, they are successful in recovering the key. Finally able to return to their peaceful lives, they hang out as usual in the classroom when... they are transported to a completely unknown place.
Where? The planet Calvary, 500 million light-years away from the Earth!
What in the world happened to them? Can they return safely to the Earth?
The hot-burning passionate adventure of the Color Rangers has only just begun!! Go forth! Color Rangers! Fight! Color Rangers!