How to Do Yoga Eagle Pose - Women's Fitness

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How to Do Yoga Eagle Pose - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hi, I'm Brenna, this is Heather, we're here at Bend Yoga Studio. We're now going to demonstrate Garudasana or Eagle Pose. To begin start with your feet hip distance apart standing and rooting firmly down into the ground. And as you inhale extend your arms out wide and as you exhale cross your right arm over your left arm and then continue to wrap your arms until your palms meet together. From here draw your shoulders down your back and without lifting your shoulders lift your elbows, and then move your palms away from face. As you exhale now bend into your knees as if sitting into a chair, and then cross your left leg around your right leg. And if its comfortable for the knee, hook your toe behind the back of your right calf. Stay here standing firmly down into your right foot. As you continue to lift your heart up, elbows up a little bit further with steady breath.