Dead Alien found in Russia in ufo hotspot ? April 2011

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Upon being confronted by the police, who took the report seriously and began investigating, the men who "found" the dead alien admitted to it being fake. They said it was chicken skin that had been stuffed with bread and painted " alien colours". The men were not charged with any sort of crime, as creating a hoax is not a crime, however they were apparently reprimanded for their actions, which caused a police investigation. Furthermore, the crash landing that some believed the alien body to have come from, are now said to be bombing testing that had been taking place at a near by Military testing range.
While there is proof positive that this particular incident is not, indeed, a real alien , one should not consider it proof negative of extra-terrestrial life.
Par (Free) Hugues Il y a 4 ans (Russia Today) has reported that the "dead alien " found in Siberian Russia was nothing more than a hoax. The supposed alien corpse was two feet high and badly mutilated, found partially buried in the snow by two Russian men. Because the body was so humanoid in appearance, a news paper editor to whom the story had been submitted called the police, fearing that it was the body of an infant or a young child, instead of the body of an extra-terrestrial.
Par (Free) Hugues Il y a 4 ans
trucage staining of bloods "coloration du sang" ?
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Par (Free) Hugues Il y a 4 ans
Les observations du crash qui a eu lieu avant avec plusieurs témoins:
Par (Free) Hugues Il y a 4 ans
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