Anhonee - Classic Bollywood Movie - Raj Kapoor & Nargis

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Anhonee - Bollywood Movie - 1973. Producer : Ravi Tandon, Director : Ravi Tandon Cast : Sanjeev Kumar, Leena Chandavarkar, Padma Khanna, Kamini Kaushal, Manmohan, Asrani, Paintal, Bindu. Synopsis: Dr. Rekha(Leena Chandavarkar) who runs a Mental Institute, lives with her step-mother in Bombay, after the death of her father. While traveling by train one night, they are accosted by a knife wielding escaped mental patient, Sunil(Sanjeev Kumar), whose aggression is calmed by Rekha. She gets him admitted into her hospital and is put under observation and treatment at the hands of Dr. Mathur(Manmohan) and herself. He soon starts responding positively under their care, and is on his way to recovery. Once he saves Rekha from being molested in a parking lot, and this sparks romance between the two and both get engaged and throw a lavish party. It is at this party that Rekha will find out that Sunil is not who he claims to be, and subsequently Sunil will also find out that Rekha has a dark secret in her recent past - a secret for which she is being blackmailed by a man named Tiger(Sudhir) - and a secret that may well expose her as a murderess! 

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