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    Human Rights Group Issues Dismal Report on Situation in Pakistan


    by NTDTelevision

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    An annual report by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan says law and order situation in Pakistan (quote) "alarming." There were 957 people killed in U.S. drone attacks and over 1100 killed in 67 suicide attacks across the country in 2010.

    On Thursday, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reported the number of casualties in Pakistan in 2010. Over 2,500 people were killed in militant attacks, and at least 900 others lost their lives in U.S. drone strikes in the tribal areas during the same period.

    Nearly half of these victims were civilians killed in suicide blasts in Pakistan, which saw 67 such attacks last year.

    [Dr. Mehdi Hasan, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan]:
    "Besides people who were killed by the terrorists or by extremists -- religious extremists -- a total of 12,580 people have been murdered and 581 kidnappings for ransom and 16,977 cases of abduction were also reported during this year. This shows the general condition of law and order which is prevailing in Pakistan."

    Painting a grim picture of the law and order situation in the country, the report states that 957 people became victims of U.S. drones strikes during 2010 in what the report calls "extra-legal killings."

    [I. A. Rehman, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan]:
    "We have our reservations on drone strikes, because whatever other people may say, there is a great danger of innocent people being killed and we do not approve of this method. We have quoted a UN Reporter's findings on that, and we stand by that."

    The year 2010 was a disastrous one for freedom of expression, according to the report, as 20 journalists and media workers lost their lives in attacks and targeted killings.