Tainted Steamed Bun Scandal Grips Shanghai, China

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Law enforcement officials in Shanghai are scrambling to hose down yet another food scandal. A major steamed bun producer was found using unknown chemicals and re-packaging expired food products. The Shanghai Shenglu Food Company is one of the city's larger food producers, supplying supermarkets with tens of thousands of steamed buns every day.

Steamed buns are off the menu in Shanghai, as consumers are rattled by yet another food safety scandal in China. That's after an investigative reporter found the Shanghai Shenglu Food Company, was using unknown chemicals to make the buns.

State-run CCTV reported on April 11th that various chemicals were added to the buns in random amounts. An artificial sweetener and a food preservative were also added, but were not listed as ingredients.

Buns that were weeks past their expiration date were returned from supermarkets and thrown back into the mixers to produce supposedly 'new' buns. And corn flour buns didn't contain much corn, but a lot of yellow food coloring.

Last Wednesday, officials shut down the Shanghai Shenglu Food Company, ordered a massive recall and plan to check all 255 registered food producers in the Baoshan district. The company produces tens of thousands of steamed buns every day.

Regulators have failed to protect Chinese consumers from a series of contaminated food incidents, most notably, the use of industrial chemical melamine in dairy products in 2008 that killed at least six children.

Last month illegal performance enhancing drugs were found in pork products from the Shuanghui Group, the country's largest meat processor.

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