Sri Lankan Community in Israel Celebrates the New Year


by NTDTelevision

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Like Thais, Bengalis, and other South Asian nations, Sri Lankans celebrate the New Year in April. Our correspondent in Israel joined the local Sri Lankan community's festivities.

On Saturday (April 16), hundreds of Sri Lankans came to Jerusalem for their New Year's celebrations. It is a cultural festival influenced by Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The event was joined by Donald Perera, the Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel.

[Donald Perera, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel]:
"This is the Singhali and the Tamil New Year Festival, which was celebrated in Sri Lanka on the 14th of April. So, since this is the weekend here in Israel the Sri Lankan community decided to have the celebration this weekend. And this is organized by the Sri Lankan Welfare Organization, the leadership given by the Sri Lankan embassy here in Israel."

The celebrations include eating traditional food, and playing amusing games.

The object of this game is to color the eye of the elephant, blindfolded. It's not so easy.

And here, the players need to smash the clay pot. Some succeed and others....not so much.

[Donald Perera, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Israel]:
"So this consists of traditional events starting from morning then going on till evening. It is more with the games and also traditional Sri Lankan games and activities. So with what possible resources that we have in Israel, in Jerusalem, we are conducting the same event here with the participation of the Sri Lankan community."

There are approximately 7,500 Sri Lankans in Israel, the majority of whom are women working as caregivers.

Rani Shoket, NTD News, Israel