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    CLIP: Fair for Knowledge: Clouds


    par Villa-Gillet

    111 vues
    Saturday, April 16th | 11:00am | Fair | Jo's Restaurant
    With: Deborah Coen , Pierre Pachet, Lytle Shaw, Luc Steels, Ginger Strand, Carole Talon-Hugon
    Hosted by: Sina Najafi

    Co-presented with Cabinet and Jo's - 11AM to 4PM
    This series of three "Fairs for Knowledge" aims to take learning out of the classroom and into unexpected venues, including a flea market, a restaurant, and a laundromat. Focusing on apparently minor topics that if treated correctly can in fact open up to a wide number of cultural and scientific disciplines, each fair will feature "stalls" where visitors can have short, spontaneous one-on-one conversations with leading experts in a given field. Aiming to create bridges between specialists and the general public, these fairs are designed to encourage an informal, social, and open mode of learning.

    The themes for the fairs will be "Hair", "Clouds", and "Chicken", three overfamiliar and undertheorized objects of study that are perfectly situated to create a conversation that draws on social, literary, artistic, political, and economic sources.
    The first event, on the topic of "Hair", took place on 30 January 2011at the Brooklyn Flea, with booths installed between vendors at the popular weekend market. This season’s Fair for Knowledge on “Clouds” will take place at Jo's restaurant, where diners can also order some food for thought—in the form of a conversation with scholar Lytle Shaw, historian Deborah Coen, essayist Pierre Pachet, computer scientist Luc Steels, essayist Ginger Strand or philosopher Carole Talon-Hugon—to be served at their table along with their meal.