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    Trigeminal Neuralgia - Microvascular Decompression Surgery


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    by annabellagirl

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    A micro surgery video recording of a Trigeminal Nerve Microvascular Decompression Surgery performed on a 52 year old caucasian male on the 16th November 2010 at The Spire hospital, Bristol - UK by the amazing and outstanding Prof. Coakham and his extraordinary staff, assistants and colleagues. The patient was suffering for over 6 years from right sided trigeminal neuralgia (electric shock type face pain triggered by chewing, any face moves or touching of the skin) which affected mainly the right side temple. Long term sufferers experience weight loss, loss of motivation, depression on top of having to cope with side effects caused by medication usually subscribed for epelepsie such as Tegretol. This patient made a steady recovery after surgery with initially the face pains continuing for approx. 8-10 more weeks after the surgery. After this, within a matter of days, the face pains became less and less and eventually dissappeared completely. The patient is 100% pain free since and feels that this operation has transformed and has given him a new life. If you have been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and each day of your life has become a misery, go and see Prof. Coakham at The Spire Hospital, Bristol - will never look back thereafter.