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    Ambient exhibition call 'NAKED i' showing the fragility of the human body & the materiality that exists outside the personality

    Steve Balaam

    by Steve Balaam

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    Debra Yates says this about NAKED i:

    The aim of the video was to show pain, fragility, child-like inquisitiveness of the postmodern citizen. By wrapping the body in bubble wrap the artist shows how her body is fragile and delicate and worth preserving. The use of foil on the face represents technology in postmodern society, how we have become consumed by technology and how technology has become a 7th sense - constructing who we are. (I.E. Facebook).

    The threaded type 'two million working parts' refers to the eye. 85% of what we know comes from our sense of sight. We lead in and and out of the video with the reminder of what a complicated machine we live in by reminding us that just out tiny eyes have two million working parts.

    There is an artistic technique called 'defamiliarisation', where by the artist makes the everyday seem strange to prolong the viewers gaze, thus giving the work greater impact and greater power to persuade and provoke. I have had this theory at the back of my mind throughout the process of producing the work.​VividCreative