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download file here In this video i will be explaining to you how you can up to 100,000 Club Penguins coins. No need to download any files, no risk of virus, spy-ware, or key loggers. Just watch the video it explains everything you will need to know. I just want to state i DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME. I am not eight, i do this for the money. I will not be able to help you with anything other then the program, and the adding of the coins. The system was created 100% by me, and all create goes 100% to me. The system is working 100% on 1-18-11 and Club Penguin has not changed the coding since that date. I will be posting updates weekly an testing the system daily. And changes will be posted here. If you would like to buy Club Penguin coins you must Private Message me via with the following: Cp Username: Cp PAssword: Cp Coin Ammount: How you are paying: I will not hack you. I have 15, i have no use for a freakin Club penguin account. I only want some cash.

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