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    Monday, April 11th | 6:30pm | Round-table | Aperture Gallery
    With: Miguel Benasayag, Nina Berman, Didier Fassin, George Packer
    Hosted by: Mark Greif
    Co-presented with Aperture and n+1

    So far, 2011 has been a watershed year for political engagement–from North Africa to the halls of the Wisconsin Capitol. Across the world the struggles for peace, civil and human rights and the protection of the environment move people to action. But who are the faces of these movements? Who are the Sartre, De Beauvoir and Luther King of today? What are the new tools of activism online and in the streets? A former Che-Guevarist in Argentina, Miguel Benasayag dedicates himself today to issues of health and immigration in France. Didier Fassin analyses the expansion of an international humanitarian government and studies the treatment of disadvantaged groups through an ethnography of police, justice and prison. George Packer, a staff writer for the New Yorker, has covered the Iraq War for the magazine, and has also written about the atrocities committed in Sierra Leone, civil unrest in Ivory Coast, the megacity of Lagos, and global counterinsurgency. Nina Berman, a documentary photographer with a primary interest in the American political and social landscape, will join the discussion. Her work has been extensively published, exhibited and collected, receiving awards in art and journalism, and her images of wounded American veterans from the Iraq War are internationally known.