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    Drama in the sky - EX1R timelapse

    Rico Bergholdt Hansen

    by Rico Bergholdt Hansen

    This was first of all a test of a new filter - the Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo - a 77mm circular screw-in filter with variable neutral density and built-in polarizing filter:

    I ordered this filter to be able to get as much depth of field out of my EX1R as possible. The camcorders built-in neutral density filters (ND1 and ND2) do a great job of controling the light that enters the lens. However, sometimes I'm forced to close down the iris / aperture. This again 'hurts' my shallow depth of field.

    With the Vari-N-Duo, I'm able to keep the iris fully open (at f/1.9) and control the light entering the lens with the filter. At the same time, I get the benefit of having a polarizing filter (which helped a lot in this cloudscape).

    The downside is that the filter is quite thick and the EX1R has to be zoomed-in to somewhere around zoom level Z30 to avoid vignetting.

    The music is by - Ane Østergaard AKA Band Ane