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    Anti-nuclear Protests Continue in Tokyo


    by NTDTelevision

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    Anger continues to mount with the Tokyo Electric Power Company... the owner of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor that was severely damaged in last month's quake. Now protesters are angry at the company, saying a new compensation package is far from enough.

    More than a hundred demonstrators gathered in front of the headquarters of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) on Friday, protesting against the nation's nuclear policies and the government's handling of the nuclear crisis in northern Japan.

    Japan is still struggling to regain control of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami devastated its northeast on March 11.

    TEPCO, the operator of the crippled nuclear power plants, is battling to contain the world's worst nuclear accident in 25 years.

    About 150 people took to the streets on Friday with banners reading "No Nukes" or "Nuclear Kills All Life" in a protest against nuclear power.

    [Yoshiko Fujusaki, Protester]:
    "We should stop contaminating our planet before we hand it over to our children. We can do it; we can maintain our lives without nuclear power."

    They were also angered by the compensation package announced by TEPCO, $12,000 a family with two or more members and $9,000 for people living alone who have been affected by the nuclear crisis.

    A protester says the amount of compensation is trivial compared to the damage victims are bearing.

    [Yoshinori Ishida, Protester]:
    "It's ridiculous to compensate only a million yen for those who lost their jobs and homes, it's ridiculous."