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    New Delhi Chief Minister Admits Possibility of Water-Borne Superbug


    by NTDTelevision

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    New Delhi's chief minister is speaking out as concerns of a superbug in the city's water supply persist. The minister said the superbug cannot be rejected completely, but so far authorities have not found any evidence to support findings in a British journal.

    On Tuesday, New Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit said the presence of the New Delhi NDM-1 superbug in the waters of Delhi could not be rejected completely.

    Last week, the London-based Lancet Infectious Diseases journal published a report that bacterial strains with the super-bug gene have been found in drinking water and seepage water samples in the Indian capital.

    The journal claims that NDM-1 makes bacterial strains resistant to almost all antibiotics, including the most powerful class named carbapenems.

    [Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minster of New Delhi]:
    "Listen, I am telling you all that the discussions are going on. But until now, none of our organizations like the water authorities and the hospitals have got any proof about this. Unless it is found, how can I comment on this? Since 'Lancet' has talked about it, we are looking into it. It's not that we are totally rejecting it. I just request the media not to spread any panic regarding this."

    Last week the country's director general of health services and the director of the Indian Council of Medical Research said there was no scientific backing to the 'Lancet' study.

    NDM-1 was in the news in August last year when the same journal reported that patients returning from India were harboring the drug-resistant bacterial strains, and named the gene on the basis of its origin.