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    TangoDango Campaign Kickoff

    J. Sibley Law

    by J. Sibley Law

    Purchase the song Tango Lullaby by Warren Bloom here:

    Our Story

    We're asking for just one dollar. Here's why: One of the biggest hurdles that our team (and our friends for that matter) have found in web television is how difficult it is for great videos (web series and others) to be noticed and seen and develop a following. On the positive side, we have noticed that a channel that develops a following usually has permission to experiment with new ideas and shows as long as the quality does not falter. Toward that end, we have decided to create TangoDango, a channel that delivers a different web series each day of the week. We are planning to re-vamp an old show (News for Blondes), create some new ones (including Uncle Vic's Kitchen), and partner with friends in web-television to deliver fun and original web series.
    The Impact

    Thank you so very much for your help!