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    Thailand Breaks Guinness World Record for Water Pistol Fight


    by NTDTelevision

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    Thailand breaks a new Guinness World Record for water pistol fight, which was set in Spain in 2007, with 3,477 people. The event kicked off to celebrate Thailand's New Year Water Festival.

    People in Thailand set a new Guinness World Record for the largest water pistol fight in Bangkok on Wednesday. More than 3,000 people participated in a 10 minute shootout to celebrate Thailand's New Year Songkran Water Festival.

    Participants armed with colorful water pistols, met outside one of Bangkok's biggest shopping malls to participate.

    As the event kicked off, they took aim with their water weapon of choice and started drenching each other in 33,000 square foot space.

    [Alongkorn Ponlaboot, Deputy Commerce Minister]:
    "We are happy and all Thais are also happy. Songkran is Thai New Year and also the water festival. Today, we made the world's largest water fight and breaks the record in Spain that set four year ago with the new number of 3,477 people continually shooting water for 10 minutes."

    The Guinness World Record of the largest water fight was set in Spain in 2007 by 2,671 soaked gunfighters.

    For Thai revelers, breaking the world record made for a happy New Year.

    [Tanapat Tanchart, Water Fight Participant]:
    "I'm happy for everyone that we can break the Guinness World Record and I'm happy to be here to be part of the breaking world record."

    In Thai, "Songkran" means "entering the new."

    It was not only Thais who celebrated the festival but foreign tourists as well.

    [Marcus Aricio, Brazilian Tourist]:
    "I feel so good. I've never expected to be so fun here in Thailand and I've never expected to be in the world record so I've never seen something like that in my life. So fun, we love it."