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    45-Day Fishing Ban to Begin in Southern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Fishermen in southern India will be out of work for more than a month beginning Friday. The government is banning commercial fishing for six weeks, to help conserve the fish population.

    A fishing ban is set to begin in India's southern Andhra Pradesh lasting 45 days. It's part of an effort to conserve fish during their breeding period.

    The ban goes into effect beginning Friday and runs through May 29th. During that period, fishing using mechanized trawlers is prohibited.

    [Naik, Director, Fishing Survey of India, Visakhapatnam Zone]:
    "The fishing ban is actually a very progressive rule where there is a period of closed season has been declared. Actually ban should not be used as a ban, actually it should be mentioned as a closed season. A closed fishing season ensures a period for the fishes to grow."

    State as well as federal authorities will be strictly monitoring the coasts during the ban period.

    [Naik, Director, Fishing Survey of India, Visakhapatnam Zone]:
    "The ban is monitored by the state government as well as the central government. The state government has got insights from marine policies. They will monitor the fishing by unauthorized fishing vessels and coast guards will also monitor fishing by foreign vessels."

    However, the fishermen are blaming the state government for not providing financial assistance during the ban period.

    [Venkatarao, Visakha Dolphin Boat Operators Welfare Assoc.]:
    "These people do not know any other work other than fishing. The nearby Pondicherry government provides about 100 kilograms of rice and 500 rupees as cash. But here there is nothing like that."

    The ban will be enforced in the entire Eastern Zone, comprising states of West Bengal, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

    Country boats and other smaller boats will be allowed to venture into the sea during the ban period.