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    Gun store in the hood.... NO! Gay "health club"...YES! WTF and GTFOH!!

    stacey wormack

    by stacey wormack

    This video is about how some folks will cut their nose off in spite of their faces. They disapproved of a gun store/range in the hood. But, a gay "health club" is operating 24/7. Da fuck are people thinking??

    I'm NOT against homosexuals (just don't FUCK WITH THE SUPER BOWL!!), but these folks were using logic that a gun store in the hoods = more deaths. Wouldn't it be safe to assume by their logic), a gay "health club" would turn cats in the hood into powerpuffs?? It was the people in the hood objecting a gun store/range. Right across the street from the porn store!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! I'm telling you, you can't make this shit up... I wake up every day laughin at stupid shit like this..... REAL TALK..