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    Prevent and erase child abuse, empower children


    by DBPerez933

    Abusers Don’t Wear Signs

    Hi, my name is Linda Straley, and for nearly for 40 years I have been working with children; my own children, grand-children, as a day care provider and as a teacher in elementary and junior high school.
    While teaching in junior high, I worked with students who had been removed from their homes (for their own safety and health) for abuses perpetrated on them by individuals, some of the individuals were family, and some were not. I gained a clear understanding that the children’s boundaries had been severely violated. A great deal of healing went on, once they understood what boundaries were and began setting these boundaries for themselves.
    From personal experience I know people don’t wear signs saying pedophile, sexual predator or abductor; if they did we would be able to see who to avoid, who is safe and who to trust.
    Parents, day care providers and teachers should have a tool to help children set healthy boundaries, learn to use safe behavior and still enjoy being a kid. I’ve written a book, Boundaries, to celebrate the joy of childhood and protect the children as a tool to be used with children.
    We do everything we can to protect our children; we use safety car seats, take care if them when they’re sick, and put helmets on them when they ride they bike, so why not teach them how to set healthy boundaries - how and when to say “STOP” and how and when to sat “NO”.
    Abuse is an action done to someone that is harmful, physically, emotionally sexually or verbally. Abuse can be the school yard bully, the mean cousin who sneaks a pinch, or the touchy feeling uncle. It can come from anywhere, anyone and in many different forms.
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