Vischering Castle - Great Attractions (Vischering, Germany)

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Take a tour of Vischering Castle in Vischering, Germany - part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. The medieval Vischering Castle is a horseshoe shaped structure in the town of Vischering, Germany. It was initially constructed in the 13th century by Bishop Gerhard von der Mark when he decided to build a fortress to compete with another family’s castle. The castle's architecture reflects that of the feudal age and is made primarily of sandstone and red tile. The three-storied building is securely situated within a moat that is fed by a nearby river. After a fire in the 1520s, the castle went through a period of reconstruction but still retains its drawbridge, courtyard and chapel. As a result of its sturdy construction and location the castle escaped World War Two with only minor damage.