Basilica of San Vicente - Great Attractions (Avila, Spain)

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Take a tour of Basilica of San Vicente in Avila, Spain - part of the World's Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats. One of the world's most sacred destinations is the Basilica of San Vicente in Avila, Spain. This Romanesque style church was built in the 12th century in honor of the martyr St. Vincent, who was executed for his beliefs by the Romans. The interior of the church is decorated with intricate carvings of plant and animal life, both real and mythical. The interior features the tomb of St. Vincent adorned with sculptures depicting the saints torture, as well as a rock that is claimed to be the site of the martyrdom. The main aisled nave of the church leads to an impressive glowing altar. Just like the rest of the Old Town of Avila, the basilica is a UNESCO World Heritage site.