ECONOMY REPORT 2011.04.14 (21:30)

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ECONOMY REPORT 2011.4.14 (21:30) (1) 1 BRICS SUMMIT 2 BRICS TO SET UP LIAISON 3 BRICS ON FINANCIAL SYSTEM 4 IMF ON GLOBAL FINANCIAL SYSTEM 5 EXPERT ON ASIA GROWTH 6 EU'S SINGLE MARKET AMBITION 7 EU'S DEAL WITH COLOMBIA, PERU 8 BRITAIN CPI TURNAROUND 9 FRENCH 2012 GDP REVISED DOWN 10 CANADA'S ECONOMY 11 US LONG TERM DEBT PLAN 12 US ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IMPROVES 13 EGYPT GAS PRICE REVIEW 14 S KOREAN INFLATION 15 EU ENERGY TAX OVERHAUL 16 JP MORGAN Q1 RESULTS 17 LOUISIANA TOURISM Coming up... *BRICS economies are meeting in southern China to talk cooperation. *The European Union is still chasing its Single Market ambition. *A new long term US debt plan is in the works. *And JP Morgan quarter one results are out. Hello and welcome to Economy Report. I'm Garth Mortensen in Beijing. 1. STORY: BRICS SUMMIT DATELINE: April 14, 2011 LENGTH: 0:00:00 LOCATION: Sanya PKG Intro: Leaders from the world's five emerging economies are meeting in C Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency