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    Stacie Orrico I'm not missing you

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    everything so that i am
    this feel like home the door
    open my heart ,bich if you want?
    no,no,no I am:

    sexy for you behind like that
    I'm not missing you
    beautiful for tou like this
    I'm not missing you

    between ,the monday everything so mind loved?
    winner me ,the last day ago I'm my bed?
    get me get you very koat me line alone
    the tire made fiction in the phone
    no,no,no I am:


    I believe I believe
    I can see ,I can see
    love me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    forget and young
    that my mine the vgabong
    my dreams,
    dear dary
    I not write but
    I love you
    but I'm not missing you!