KIO6000 Series — NEMA 4_4X (IP66) Miniature Sealed Keyboard w_ OrbitalMouse®

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The KIO6000 Series are NEMA 4/4X (IP66) industrial sealed keyboards with full 101/104 key functionality in a patented, innovative small foot print. These miniature keyboards include an embedded numeric keypad (patent pending), and are combined with CTI's OrbitalMouse® button style mouse pointer. CTI's OrbitalMouse® is a sealed NEMA 4 (IP66), drift-free, button style industrial pointer, and is molded in silicone rubber; making it more user friendly and durable than a touchpad.

These rugged keyboards use CTI's advanced design for sealing and reliability. They are molded of silicone rubber and have 2mm travel with excellent tactile feel. Gold over nickel contacts combined with superior sealing (waterproof) assure users of years of reliable operation. These mini sealed keyboards are an excellent solution when portability and space are a consideration; such as military, security, commercial fleet vehicles,etc...