How to Do Pilates Leg Pull Exercise - Women's Fitness

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How to Do Pilates Leg Pull Exercise - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. Hi, we're Kimberly and Katherine Corp. We own Pilates on Fifth here in Manhattan, and we're going to show you the Leg Pull, which is a great Pilates exercise for strengthening the hip extensors, which is your Gluteus Maximus and your hamstrings, the front muscles of the legs, and the hip flexors, and of course your core, and your arms get a little too. So its an advanced exercise, you get everything. So we will start Katherine sitting up nice and tall, so she's straight up on her sit bones, and then she will place her hands at back of her, with her fingers angled diagonally back, and now she's in a straight line here, pulling in the abdominal muscles, contracting the ribs. The legs will slightly turn out. So your knees will slightly point to the side of the room. Inhale here, on the exhale she'll contract her butt muscles and lift her hips up but notice how her gaze stays that way. Do it wrong real quick, no looking at the ceiling, look straight ahead. We'll use the left leg first. And we exhale lift the left leg up pointed, lower and flex the foot. And exhale, inhale. 1 more time exhale up, and then inhale keep it pointed and place the leg down. And we go the right leg. Exhale up with a pointed foot, lower with a flex foot, inhale. Exhale up point, inhale lower flex, exhale up point and lower flex. And we're going to do it one more time. Now, let's show gooping. We call this from our Rockette days. We call it gooping when you kick. So, none of that. So don't go for height and goop. You want to keep it nice and solid. Last time here, and we'll just do it one more time on the right leg. Exhale up and inhale lower flex, exhale lift and point, inhale lower flex. Last time exhale lift and point, inhale lower flex. And then to finish, you set the hips right down. So get no changes in the spine as you do the Leg pull.