106B - Tea-Time for Time Squad

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The second half of the sixth episode of the first season of Time Squad, in which the Sons of Liberty literally sit around and sip tea instead of throwing the Boston Tea Party. Fortunately, Otto has coffee on his person, and coffee has the properties of steroids in this series's universe. Also, this episode marks the first time we see Larry wearing makeup...but not the last.

Time Squad was created by Dave Wasson and is the property of Cartoon Network.


[QUOTE]coffee has the properties of steroids in this series's universe...[/QUOTE]

I thought it was more like alcohol and anyone who drank it became a rowdy drunk. Oh well...learn something new every day.
By CasterPlaster2009 2 years ago
This brings back the good times I watched cartoons! I haven't watched this in years! Thanks a lot!
By Dan 3 years ago