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by fins2010

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Prepaid cell phones don't mean that you have to sacrifice a thing. Straight Talk has top quality brand name phones and nationwide service on America's best networks. Two simple plans to pick from. Over 2 million people have already made the decision, it's time for you to switch!


@Herulesy, I am a little confused as I am looking for a smartphone to couple with Straight Talk and first prize was the Nokia E71 but in some of the other video's you said that they are no longer running as too many people on on iphones was using the the unlimited plan and straining the network as well as Nokia E71 have not been found in Walmart for months! Now is this in fact true or not? Can anyone advise me accordingly as I am uncertain whether Herulesy is advising us correctly or not? Is this only your opinion?
By Americo2011 4 years ago
@ TCas77, if ever you were lucky enough to go into a walmart, or other store, and you happen to see any of the two nokia smart phones that Straight talk touted, GRAB them with all your hands. There's a lot of other people out there, that will be more than happy to buy them off you at your given price - they're that popular!
By Herulesy 4 years ago
I've been looking at the smartphones on offer for Straight Talk, but just noticed the LG900, which is somewhat cheaper, but looks capable of much the same. Can anyone advise me if the smartphones are worth the price difference in terms of capability? I'll be switching from the "all you need" to the unlimited plan, so am looking for the best value for money.
By TCas77 4 years ago