201A - A Thrilla at Attila's

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The first half of the first episode of the second season of Time Squad, in which each of the three protagonists recounts his own version of the mission. Said mission differs from story to story, but Attila the Hun is always a nebbish-type nerd who only has five warriors under his command, for whatever reason. Plus, this episode contains some homoerotic text, so pay attention.

One complaint must be raised, however: why invent the useless neologism "thrilla" solely for the sake of a rhyme, when "A Thrill at Attila's" would be more rhythmic without breaking the laws of the English language?

Time Squad was created by Dave Wasson and is the property of Cartoon Network.

1 comment

In season 2 of Time Squad, Episode 203A should be A Thrilla at Attila's!
By elegalams 3 years ago