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Oh the horror of opening a cell phone bill and discover your paying way more than you thought because of text message overload. Straight Talk's Unlimited Plan at $45 a month will cure this for you. It won't matter how much talking, texting web-browsing, or 411 calls are's all unlimited! You CAN end the nightmares!


@Zappergirl, I can understand what you are saying as my daughter (16) was on contract and my costs were astronomical (I called her cell phone her ambilical cord). I was considering getting her the $45 but was a little apprehensive as unlimited could be taken too far for her so I opted for the $30 for 1000 min. This way she had to learn to budget her airtime LOL I love hearing that "MY DAUGHTER BUDGETING".
By RichardBerry 3 years ago
@costaacosta12 Well I can't argue with you regarding the national coverage, having to choose between AT&T's network, ot Verizon's, but their phone selection is hardly expending. It showed great promise about three months back when the nokia smart phones were available, and since then any new phones have sorted dissapated in the mist.
By Herulesy 3 years ago
Nationwide on the best network! Through trial and error,and I always come back to Straight Talk.Now with more reason,their phone selection is growing and they are making international calling available to anyone. Flexibility,affordability and options. All for just $45 a month. Where else can you get this? No contracts and no fees,I'm sticking to them this time around.They offer everything I need:)
By costaacosta12 3 years ago
I think kids are the very worst when it comes to cell phones...I actually took mine off Straight Talk's unlimited, cause in their minds, unlimited didn't mean you had the option of meant you HAD to use it for unlimited periods, and while I was saving money, I was loosing my teens. I've stuck with the unlimited, because I need a lot of call time for my business and may even be able to cancel my landline if the rates for their new international plan are reasonable. I only saw the commercial for it today, but wondered if anyone has registered yet and what sort of pricing we're looking at?
By Zappergirl 4 years ago