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    North Korea Threatens to Terminate Tourist Agreement to Mt. Kumgang Resort


    by NTDTelevision

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    In North Korea, the Mount Kumgang resort is a popular destination for many South Koreans. For years, one South Korean company has organized the trips there, but that may be coming to an end. Here's more.

    South Korean group Hyundai Asan has exclusive rights to operate tours to the Mount Kumgang resort in North Korea.

    But the North Koreans are looking to terminate the agreement.

    South Korea's government says the North should retract the threat to terminate immediately as it's a breach of the international standards.

    [Chun Hae-sung, Spokesperson, South Korean Unification Ministry]:
    "Our position is not to accept the North Korea's unilateral claim, as it is an illegal and unjust action against the private agreement between North Korea and Hyundai Asan, as well as against agreements between the North and South Korean governments. It is also a breach of international standards. We urge the North to withdraw the measure immediately."

    More than a million South Koreans have visited Mount Kumgang, on the east coast just north of the heavily armed border.

    But tours to the resort were suspended 2008 after a North Korean soldier shot dead a South Korean housewife.

    Since then, the North has lost out on tens of millions of dollars a year it used to earn through tourism.

    Pyongyang has appealed to the Hyundai Group to resume its tours, but Seoul has not yet given its approval.

    The south is demanding first an apology for the shooting and guaranteed safety for its visitors.